ITC Members’ Meeting Report - Cardiff 18th May

Thank you to the interesting group of members who attended our meeting in Wales last week and particular thanks to those that made the journeys from Shropshire and Bristol.

We discussed Theatre Tax Relief (some companies are still not claiming it – Charities are eligible even if they have never paid any corporation tax. Size is not an issue – even the smallest companies can claim TTR provided they are incorporated).

We discussed pensions (all ITC companies now have to comply with auto-enrolment – guidance is available on our website). We had an interesting discussion about touring and co-productions with a particular emphasis on rural touring and this lead to an interesting discussion about life-streaming (Pentabus shared their experience of livestreaming their village hall performances into larger venues – not too expensive and very good for audience development and engagement).

Thank you very much to National Dance Company of Wales for hosting us in their excellent lounge and giving us a tour of their exciting facilities.

The next ITC members’ meeting will be in Newcastle (3.30 15th June Dance City) and then we are in York 29th June. We look forward to further lively conversations with members.