ITC remembers Mary Loughran

ITC would like to pay their respects to a much-valued former colleague Mary Loughran who very sadly died this month age 57. Mary joined ITC in 1988 as the Development Officer becoming Director in 1989 until 1993. Amongst her many legacies to the independent theatre council Mary was responsible for recruiting ITC’s current CEO Charlotte and after leaving the organisation Mary continued to connect with and support many ITC members as the lead trainer for ITC’s ‘Starting a Performing Arts Company’. Mary was passionate about supporting creatively led organisations through the many challenges and issues that they faced and throughout her career worked with a range of arts organisations, charities and small businesses such as Arts & Business, The Reading Agency, Woodhaven and most recently Curtis Brown.

Here are a few words Mary sent to Charlotte on the eve of ITC’s 30th Birthday.

‘Against the backdrop of Margaret Thatcher’s hostility to the arts and the pressure on budgets as we all jostled for money from what seemed an ever diminishing pot, I was told by a leading theatre manager in my second week ITC that there was no hope for Independent/small scale theatre, that Itc and the sector would all be over in 10 years time.

How wrong she was….

Perhaps what she (and others) hadn’t accounted for was the flexibility, creativity and tenacity of ITC and the membership….the fact that being small allowed companies to change and adapt more quickly than larger, more institutionalised theatre establishments and managements. The strength of ITC’s active and committed membership, their self belief and ability to produce theatre which would change and influence the bigger players.’

Mary believed in the importance of embracing a new world, of not losing altruism but becoming pragmatic alongside it, in other words how good art will continue to thrive on good management. We pay tribute to Mary’s great contribution to the Performing Arts and send our sympathy and warm wishes to her husband Chris and children.

Mary’s funeral will be on Friday 7th December at 11am at Worth Abbey in Sussex. The service will last for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Mary doesn’t want any flowers please. Instead, if you wish, Mary would like charitable donations to children’s education, something close to her heart.
Details available shortly: