Organise, Disorganise & Reorganise! Looking ahead to 2020

Dear Members,

To say that this is a difficult and disappointing moment would be an understatement. Like many of you we were deeply upset by the election results and the divisive and dangerous politics fuelling the status quo. However, we will not be defeated. We must continue to be there for the most vulnerable in our society and support the groups and services who will feel the full effects of this Government.

We know that the performing arts has an important role to play in martialling the forces of social reason and responsibility. Many ITC companies are already working on the ground with disenfranchised and disadvantaged groups UK wide, using creativity to engage the public with issues such as health, poverty, education and justice. We want to remind members that we are here to support the continuation of this vital work on the frontline.

We need to remain a strong community, stay active, stay critical and remember that we have not lost all power or agency. We can still make a difference and be a mobilising force for the ITC values that endure regardless of changes of regime.

  • That the performing arts have the power and potential to change lives
  • That the performing arts should be available to the many not the few.
  • That the performing arts thrive when people are put before profit.
  • The value of contributing to a community of performing arts professionals

So what next? ITC will continue to raise a strong voice for what we regard as one of the most important, powerful grassroots movements in the performing arts, the independent theatre sector. The conversation continues with the Arts Councils, Creative Scotland, the Department of Culture Media and Sport and at Government level.

Our 2020 Conference (taking place on Thursday 19th March) will be responding to the ongoing concerns around employment rights following 2016 referendum with a particular focus on managing and empowering the workforce, industry standards and the ways in which ITC can support its members with the responsibilities of employment. We will actively be encouraging union membership as a fundamental pillar of our work.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the #ITCSmallChange movement. Launched on (allegedly) the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday, this campaign was based on the simple premise of ‘what goes around comes around’. If you have benefited from someone’s generosity pass it onto someone else. We feel this is a small but mighty way of offering a positive and proactive counter narrative. Whilst the world is tumbling down, generosity, sharing knowledge and creative problem solving remain the secret weapons of our independent theatre community. In this spirit we have linked some useful post-election resources at the bottom of this blog. Do let us know if you have any further suggestions and please continue to use #ITCSmallChange to share your actions, ideas and generosity. We will track, share, recognise and pay forward.

Thank you to all our members for your wisdom, courage and creativity this year. We look forward to working with you in 2020!

A guide for how to organise and run your own post election meet-up
A crowd-sourced document with extensive information on ways to support and engage with societal issues on a grass roots level. Organised by category:
Climate Emergency
Women’s Services
LGBTQI+ Services
Funeral Poverty
Racial and Ethnic Injustice
Policing and state violence
Access to Leisure, Public Spaces and Arts 
Disabled Rights
Migration Status / Detention
Elderly, Isolation
People in Prison
NHS & Healthcare
Workers’ rights and trade unions 
Animal Welfare 
Children and Family Services