Climate Change Catastrophe! by Cap-a-pie © Lindsay Duncanson


ITC creates and supports campaigns, partnerships, and projects that enhance best practices and working standards across the sector.

Ethical Management

ITC’s Ethical Management scheme promotes fair work practices and creates a community that values and upholds ethical management. Together, we can make a significant impact on the industry, ensuring a fair and sustainable future for all.

If your company is an ITC Organisation Member and you are incorporated, insured and can demonstrate financial stability you can sign up to be an ITC Ethical Manager.

Family Arts Campaign

Family Arts Campaign is a sector support organisation for engaging families in arts, culture and creative opportunities. They believe arts and culture is for everyone and for all agesregardless of where you live, or your background. There to support and champion the people and organisations that bring fantastic creative provision, events and initiatives to life across the UK.

Culture Declares Climate and Ecological Emergency

Culture Declares Climate and Ecological Emergency was founded in 2019 , and the collective imagination includes arts, design, crafts and heritage practitioners and organisations worldwide. They acknowledge the historic responsibility of our movement’s nation of origin for the extractive, colonial systems that have led to grievous global injustice and inequality in the causes and impacts of climate and ecological breakdown.

Anti-Racism Touring Rider

The Anti-Racism Touring Rider was created in Spring 2021 to establish the baseline of expectations between companies, venues and artists on a touring production.  Their toolkit was created is for everyone committed to change in the arts sector, irrespective of scale or remit.

Theatre Green Book

The Theatre Green Book is a collective initiative by theatre-makers. We believe theatre has an urgent role to play in our journey to living and working sustainably. The Theatre Green Book provides free resources for all theatre-makers, working at all scales.

Creating A Menopause Friendly Workplace

Equity’s guide has been written as a resource for managers working across the performing arts industry and influences workplace health, safety and welfare standards. The guidance is written to help influence policy and practice measures that can positively impact the lives of workers who will experience the menopause, or any of the allied conditions associated with ageing.

What Next? Culture

What Next? Culture: Advocating for the Future of the Arts In an ever-changing cultural landscape, What Next? is a vital movement uniting arts and cultural organizations to champion the value of the arts and advocate for their sustainable future. With a mission to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient cultural sector, What Next? plays a…