ITC’s Ethical Management scheme promotes fair work practices and creates a community that values and upholds ethical management. Together, we can make a significant impact on the industry, ensuring a fair and sustainable future for all.

If your company is an ITC Organisation Member and you are incorporated, insured and can demonstrate financial stability you can sign up to be an ITC Ethical Manager today.

To find out more please contact Zoe Bateman on 020 7089 6821 or email

Ethical Management Scheme

In an era where fair and ethical practices are more critical than ever, ITC is proud to promote the Ethical Management scheme. This empowers ITC Members to uphold the highest standards in management, ensuring fair and reasonable pay, working conditions, and proper recognition for the artists and people they collaborate with.

What It Means to Be An Ethical Manager

By being An approved Ethical Manager your company demonstrates a commitment to best practices in the industry. This designation signals to artists, employees, and stakeholders that you adhere to the sector’s agreed minimum terms and conditions, providing a reliable and fair working environment.

“Being a member of ITC and an Ethical Manager is a rubber stamp, it says we believe in best practice, fair and reasonable pay, working conditions, hours and credit for the artists and people we work with.”

Alison King, Chief Executive of Turtle Key Arts

Benefits of Using Ethical Manager Agreements

Using Ethical Manager Agreements offers numerous benefits:

  1. Union-Approved Contracts: Use contracts approved by Equity, the Writers Guild of Great Britain, Bectu, and Unite, ensuring they are up-to-date with legal standards and offer predictable interpretations in case of disputes.
  2. Fair Wage Practices: Prevents undercutting of wages and excessive demands, creating a level playing field for both small and large companies.
  3. Simplified Negotiations: Reduces contentious negotiations at the firm level, minimizing conflict between staff and management.
  4. Dispute Resolution: Gain access to dispute resolution services managed by ITC and relevant unions.
  5. Reputational Benefits: Enhance your profile as a good employer, aiding in recruitment, grant-seeking, and overall reputation.
  6. Predictable Staff Costs: Benefit from better terms and conditions, improving staff retention and reducing competition on terms and conditions.

Obligations of Members

To maintain Ethical Manager Status, members must:

  • Use the latest FWA contracts and agreed policies.
  • Apply for variations if departing from standard contracts.
  • Inform staff about their rights to join relevant unions and facilitate union access for recruitment and representation.

Appling for Ethical Manager Status

To qualify as an Ethical Manager, your company must:

  • Be an ITC Organisation Member.
  • Be incorporated, insured, and demonstrate financial stability.
  • Have a track record of good management, approved by ITC and Equity.

By signing up, you can issue the ITC/Equity Performers & Stage Managers Agreement or a similar draft that meets the minimum terms and conditions approved by ITC. You are encouraged to adopt all other agreements negotiated by ITC for creative contributors and administrative staff wherever possible.

How to Sign Up

For more information or to sign up, contact Zoe at 020 7089 6821 or email

To register, there is a simple application for to complete and return with some supporting documents. Subject to approval by Equity and ITC, your company will be registered without any additional fee.


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