What Next? Culture: Advocating for the Future of the Arts

In an ever-changing cultural landscape, What Next? is a vital movement uniting arts and cultural organizations to champion the value of the arts and advocate for their sustainable future. With a mission to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient cultural sector, What Next? plays a pivotal role in shaping the conversation around the arts and their impact on society.

What is What Next?

What Next? is a collective of arts and cultural organizations that come together to discuss, debate, and take action on key issues affecting the sector. Through regular meetings, collaborative projects, and public advocacy, What Next? aims to:

  • Champion the value of the arts
  • Advocate for policy change
  • Support a diverse and inclusive arts community

Key Activities and Initiatives

What Next? operates through a network of chapters across the UK, each hosting regular meetings where members can share insights, develop strategies, and plan collective actions. Some of the key activities and initiatives include:

  • Public Campaigns
  • Research and Reports
  • Training and Resources

Get Involved

What Next? is open to all arts and cultural organisations that share a commitment to advocating for the arts and contributing to a sustainable future for the sector. To get involved, visit What Next? Culture and find your local chapter.