Diversity Pledge

ITC Members Diversity Pledge

After years of talking about diversity in the arts our audiences and workforce are still far from representative of this society’s real demographic. Many ITC companies are doing excellent work in reaching out and engaging. The time has come to share this good practice and pledge as a community to challenge practices which lead to unfairness and work against the Equal Rights Culture which we would like to declare for this sector.

The actions suggested below are just a start. We would encourage members to suggest additions and build them into a growing pledge:

  • Recognise that diversity is the responsibility of all
  • End the expectation that to gain experience emerging artists and practitioners work unpaid - find more creative and inclusive ways of supporting young people to work in this sector
  • Address the growing wealth gap in our society - pay a decent living wage/fee to all practitioners.
  • Engage in active equal rights recruitment - understand and avoid unconscious bias
  • Access is a right not a luxury – recognise and remove barriers
  • Recognise what might have helped us and work to extend that to others.
  • Be rigorous in monitoring and evaluation to find out who we are not reaching and then set ourselves a set of challenges.
  • Share practice that works with peers to improve diversity throughout the community.

What else?........

Above is the Diversity Pledge that ITC members agreed at the AGM on February 25th 2015