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Guest Blog: Your Top Five Questions About Insurance Policies Answered

Q1. Surely we don’t need Employers Liability cover as we only use freelance staff?

Q 2. Are volunteers covered under my policy?

A 1 & 2. Volunteers and freelance are covered by the definition Employee and not to be confused by the PAYE definition of employee. Just because you do not pay their tax does not mean they are not deemed an employee.

A typical definition of an employee in an insurance policy is any person who is: (1) under a contract of service or apprenticeship with You (2) borrowed by or hired to You (3) a labour master or supplied by a labour master (4) employed by labour only sub-contractors (5) self-employed (6) under a work experience or training scheme (7) a voluntary helper.

Q 3. Do freelance staff need to have their own Public Liability insurance?

A 3. No they do not need their own insurance as whilst under your control will be covered by you their employer.

Q 4. Surely I don’t need Public Liability cover as the venue has it?

A 4. Incorrect. Venues will always have their own insurance and this covers them if a claim is made against them for damage or injury due to their negligence. If you are performing at a venue and injure somebody or cause property damage through your negligence it will be you not the venue held responsible.

Q 5. Does my policy cover people on work experience and is there an age limit?

A 5. It does as they are covered by the definition of employee above and there is no age limit.

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