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Fluid Motion Theatre

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Fluid Motion Theatre Company
The Orchard, White Hart Lane
RG21 4AF

Registered charity no.1192793. Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and
Wales no.7227917.

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We make theatre about lived experiences of mental health. And we do this anywhere and for everyone.

Theatre challenges and comforts us in equal measure. It enables us to express unspoken emotions by shaping and holding in front of our eyes something we feel internally. It helps us make sense of the world, and it guides us to a better place.

Fluid Motion does this through a creative engagement and touring programme, built around one overarching theme connected to mental health, culminating in the
All in the Mind Festival.

To achieve this, we commission, make and perform theatre. We collaborate creatively with diverse communities, artists, educators and health care professionals and use lived experiences as inspiration.

In doing so we test and facilitate new creative models of mental health support to be shared widely and freely.

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