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Haywire Theatre

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Website: www.haywiretheatre.co.uk

Postal Address: 11 Bryn Hyfryd, Sychdyn, Flintshire, CH7 6FB

Email: haywiretheatrecompany@gmail.com

Social Media: @haywiretheatre

Phone: 07583502276


Haywire is a company devoted to the extraordinary ordinary. At its core, our work is entirely obsessed with character, with the human, the relatable, and the understandable behaviours that make up a piece of performance. Through everything we create we search for a means by which that art can reveal another’s experience, the simple but utterly defined truth to that individual’s life. We then take it and recreate it in our own unique way, turning what was once mundane into something transformative.

Haywire is a collaboration between Lucy Haslingden, Olivia Clarke, and Lisa Jayne, working across North Wales and North-West England. So far, our work has championed the voices of young and upcoming creatives in an ambitious season of digital work (“The Pocketfull Project”, 2020), re-imagined existing texts on a new stage (Adam Barnard’s “buckets”, Buxton Fringe 2021), and worked alongside disadvantaged communities with Welsh charity Well-Fed to deliver a food insecurity focused community festival (2021).  With work described as “… effortlessly confident…”, “…brimming with enthusiasm and passion…”,  “… powerful…”, and “… brilliant…”, we’re excited to see where the future will lead over the coming months. Our next steps will see us expanding our community work to involve a wider public reach across the North Wales region, and taking a more experimental approach to our touring performance in the summer of 2022.

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