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Office address: info@historiatheatre.org

Artistic Director: kateprice@lineone.net
07811 892 079

Website www.historiatheatre.com

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History of Historia Theatre Company
Historia Theatre Company was founded in 1997 with the aim of putting on plays that have their source in or inspiration from history.

We became a Registered Charity in 2003 and these are our objectives: The advancement of education by the encouragement of the arts including the arts of drama, mime, dance, singing and music, particularly through the establishment of a theatre company to stage plays which have their inspiration or source in history.

We believe that knowledge of our country’s history is a vital part of who we are and a vital part of our heritage. It is our job to create stage plays and performances that not only engage the public, but, as a by-product, also informs them. So often we have heard the comment: “I hated history at school but now I really enjoy it.” It is this maturity of insight that we wish to tap into, alongside the – as yet – untutored enthusiasm of schoolchildren

Despite being a very small company, we have delivered a production nearly every year. Recent examples include QUEEN ANNE 2014, MAGNA CARTA 2015, FIRE AND PHOENIX 2016 (about the Great Fire of London) and DEAR CHOCOLATE SOLDIER about WW1). Please see our website www.historiatheatre.com and our Facebook page.

MOST RECENT PRODUCTION : May/June 2022 Run of MAYFLOWER at THE HEN AND CHICKENS THEATRE ISLINGTON May 24th – June 11th. This was preceded by a ZOOM production to a mostly American audience in November 2022, 400 years TO THE DAY when The Mayflower arrived off the cast of Massachusetts. We also toured churches in November 2021.

FUTURE PLANS 2023: AGNES AND LUCIEN: the story of how a Jewish couple were saved from the Nazis in occupied France in 1944.

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