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Award winning Producer and Director with over 15 years experience working across the entire spectrum of the arts field (Theatre, Events, Immersive, Film)  – I’ll give some highlights below.

I also work as a social media content producer and I am a social media / digital marketing expert – working across Facebook / Tik Tok / Instagram / Youtube / SEO and Web-design – also 20 years experience is Print media (posters / flyers) and branding – Social media revenues generated in excess of £500,000+ across IP, sell out tours, crowdfunding and merchandise sales – I can self produce, work with funding, and if the project is interesting – work with others.

Dec 2022 updates

Consultant Producer for ‘Don’t Play with Dead Things’ a Theatre / Video Game Hybrid funded by Arts Council Wales / Chapter Arts Cardiff ( )

‘Gabby’ R+D successful application for £29,000 ACE fund to R+D Clementine Bogg-Hargroves follow up to Skank (June to Nov 22)

‘Skank’ 2023 ACE Funded tour successful application for £28,000 to tour Cornwall, North West and London Venues, with 3 x interconnected workshops (delivery from Feb 2023)

SKANK (2019-2023)

Currently Producing SKANK the play, created by Clementine Bogg-Hargroves – I discovered this work at the Greater Manchester Fringe in 2019 and I have developed the play into an Off Westend Nominated show for Edinburgh 2021, at the fringe it was also named the Times Critics choice of plays to see in Edinburgh, SKANK played at Edfringe21 for two weeks to sell out shows, with extra performances added – this was achieved by a social media campaign and marketing / PR campaign created by myself – SKANK has had two post pandemic tours, and turned a small profit for performer and producer, and was NOT backed by the arts council – my intention with producing SKANK was to see if it was possible to create a sustainable product and model in theatre, and what role would social media play in this.

SKANK has now been published by PLAY DEAD PRESS and available from all good bookstores or online.

SKANK is back at the Pleasance 2 venue (150 cap) for Edfringe22 and has booked a nationwide tour Oct 22 – March 23.

Trailer –

More info

GABBY (2022-2025)

Currently in the R+D phase of GABBY, Clementine Bogg-Hargroves follow up to the UK smash hit SKANK – GABBY has been funded by the arts council, our first successful bid – and should be ready to tour summer 2023.


Currently in development, working as co-producer with Turntable productions Liverpool on an immersive theatre experience which tells the history of dance music – I call it ‘A Night Out in 90 Minutes’ – the aim of this piece is to be a commercial hit, blending musical theatre, immersive storytelling and a fun night out, and sell to audiences in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Glasgow – and hopefully tour internationally.

LOOKOUT (2019-2021)

Producer for BBC Arts

I was hired because of 5+ years working in the field of virtual reality and immersive theatre (I am in my final year at Liverpool John Moores, undertaking a PhD in Immersive Art) – my job was to take a traditional artist Marnie Simpson and bring her ideas to life in virtual reality – this was then to be a hybrid performance of part theatre and part VR experience.

The theatre element was to be an immersive story, with installations and actors, giving context to the VR story that you are sucked into – Unfortunately Covid19 hit in the middle of production, and our premiere at SXSW could not go ahead – the project ended up being a standalone VR experience, which the BBC has the rights to.

more details here


I have also founded an immersive arts lab – and our group hang out on Facebook (1000+ members)

Video trailer to the lab here 

I have also had a paper published on performance in VR – From video streaming to virtual reality worlds: an academic, reflective, and creative study on live theatre and performance in the metaverse


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