The ERD Connection

The ERD Connection

England, South East



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Liz Downie, Lead Producer

Mobile:07775 778228


The ERD Connection believes in the transformative power of the arts for people and places and that the opportunity to take part in creative activities must be available to everyone. Our aim is to bring together whatever is needed to deliver relevant, fun and accessible projects for different communities in East Anglia where we are based. At the centre of our work is a desire to connect with individuals who may not always be included and through the creative process give people the fuel to shine within their local community and beyond!  The ERD Connection is responsible for producing Stowmarket Youth Theatre (SYT) providing FREE participatory theatre projects for young people aged 14-18.  We run regular series of performance skills workshops which serve to build participants’ confidence as well as a sense of belonging.  We also stage productions which are watched by audiences made up of family, friends and supporters providing moments to celebrate the achievements of the young people involved.

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