Thee Black Swan Theatre and Opera Company

Thee Black Swan Theatre and Opera Company

England, London


Drama Opera

Organisation Type

Touring Venue


Thee Black Swan theatre and Opera Company

Artistic Director: Joseph Charles


Phone: 07747770722


Thee Black Swan Theatre and Opera Company

Thee Black Swan has a positive track record of producing quality theatre and opera work in the context of our mission statement, to provide a platform for performance and opportunities for people of diverse heritage. The work we have produced always includes multi – racial casts, where artists of diverse heritage are provided with the opportunity to play major roles. All of our work includes writers, composers and directors from all backgrounds and reflects people from all the protected characteristics, crucially we represent our society and promote inclusion.

We have accessed Arts Council England funding for most of our projects and we joint fund our projects. We work with partners who are committed to our goals and believe support in kind is a crucial part of what we are able to achieve.  We are ‘not for profit’ in all aspects of what we do as defined in our articles of association.

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