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Drama Mixed Media

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Wildworks is the UK’s leading landscape theatre company.

From our base in Cornwall we make site-specific theatre with communities locally, nationally and internationally. We reach audiences and collaborators all over the globe. Everyone is invited.  


Our work attracts people who do not go to the theatre. We’re to be found on beaches and woodlands, car parks, nightclubs and disused quarries, anywhere from derelict department stores to medinas, and from refugee camps to castles.  


Collaboration and partnerships are central to our process. The lived experience of local people is at the heart of our work and without their participation, the work cannot happen. Our process starts with a conversation, often with marginalised communities, who help us shape the telling of everyday human stories in ways that are familiar and re-imagined.  


We started in Cornwall, and that remains our emotional and physical home. Many of our company members and associates live here and we draw inspiration from Cornwall’s extraordinary natural and post-industrial landscape. We continue to build on Cornwall’s long history of working outdoors, turning Cornwall’s lack of infrastructure into a positive, by working in the landscape rather than traditional theatre venues. 

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