BitterSuite Experiences Ltd


BITTERSUITE (BS) are transforming the experience of live music. We make multi-sensory concerts, run participation programmes and lead an experimental sensory lab where we look at senses as tools for creativity.

Our collaborators include experts in the field of sound and the senses including: Somatic Practitioners, Deaf-blind Community, Neurologists, Psychologists, Dancers, Composers, Music Ensembles, Perfumers, Chefs, and more.

Multi-sensory music experiences which stimulate audiences’ senses in time with the music to deepen the way they listen. Our work includes Debussy’s String Quartet in G, Performing Sensory Immersion, The Sensory Score and Tapestries. Previous concert partners include Royal Opera House, The Arnolfini, Vault Festival, Arcola Theatre, FutureFest and Rich Mix.

Sensory exploration and collaboration taking the form of consultancy, public engagement, commissions and R&D experimentation. Our unique space to uncover new sensory ideas which perform dual functions of benefiting the wellbeing of those involved and pushing creative boundaries. Partners include: UCL, Heart n Soul and Wellcome Hub.

Our workshops focus on introducing participants to individual wellbeing, ground-breaking creative methods and pro-social / empathetic skills. Our work includes:
-2019 Cultural Residents of the Institute of Imagination co-creating an installation with 2000 under 11s
-Without Touch co-created with six artists who experienced severe loneliness and tactile deprivation


  • Drama
  • Mixed Media
  • Musical Theatre


  • Theatre in Health
  • Young Peoples