Company of Wolves


Company of Wolves is a laboratory theatre company based in Glasgow.

We make performance by experiment, crafting unique and compelling theatre that speaks directly to the times in which we live.

The company was formed by Ewan Downie and Anna Porubcansky after an eight year immersion in the Polish laboratory theatre tradition of Song of the Goat Theatre, Jerzy Grotowski and Gardzienice.

Over time, we’ve digested these influences together with dance and vocal improvisation, experimental music, improvised comedy, and conscious movement practices.

We train and we practice, we research and we search.

Our theatre and our lives inform each other. We want our work in the studio to change our lives, and we want our lives to shape what we make.

We make theatre that speaks to all that we are. Theatre that is raw, irreverent, uncivilized, and sublime.


  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Physical


  • Rural Touring

Organisation Type

  • touring