GOLKK Theatre Company

South East

We are a multinational physical theatre ensemble currently based in Canterbury Kent. We create abstract and absurd movement pieces, where our bodies are the storytellers. With playful curiosity, we blend bold physical improvisation with subtle ensemble interactions, to make relatable moments which resonate with our audiences. We draw audiences into the present, offering you an experience which is not only live but ALIVE. We don’t believe in telling our audience’s what to think or feel - we offer them a world, from which they can draw their own narratives.

GOLKK endeavour to make physical performance which is accessible, dynamic, and playful. We are passionate about the universal nature of physical theatre, and seek to bridge the gap between mainstream and fringe theatre audiences. GOLKK champion theatre which is grounded in sharing and unity. We have three shows in the repertoire- Samaweo Sikko (2016), Peeking in the Portrait (2017) and rest[less] (2019). As part of our practice, we offer workshops for aspiring theatre creators, students, and community groups.


  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Physical


  • Community
  • Rural Touring
  • Young Peoples