Govanhill Theatre


Govanhill Theatre was founded in 2014 and together with Govanhill Baths Community Trust has produced a rich and varied programme of drama, including premieres of original work, revivals of modern drama and classics, including a hugely successful collaboration with The Royal Shakespeare Company that we presented in Glasgow before performing in Dundee and Stratford-upon-Avon.
Govanhill, on the south side of Glasgow is one of the most diverse, multicultural localities in Scotland, home at the last count to 47 different nationalities. Increasingly, our work is inspired by the history and culture of the many people who call Govanhill home and is enhanced by the historic building in which we’re based, Govanhill Baths, which has inspired local people for generations.


  • Drama
  • Mixed Media


  • Community
  • New Writing
  • Rural Touring
  • Site Specific
  • Street Arts
  • Young Peoples

Organisation Type

  • venue