Iain Stringer Works


I am an independent story writer and composer: Iain Stringer Works.

Phase 1. In 2015 I was successfully awarded a council arts fund (London Borough of Wandsworth) to develop my dance project called PREVAIL: Phase 1 (R+D phase) which was successfully performed at The Putney Arts Theatre, London. Various community organisations and groups attended a private showing and a Q and A.

Phase 2. In 2017 PREVAIL reached phase 2. This was Lottery funded, Arts Council, and LGBT History Month endorsed. PREVAIL was part of an arts programme in St Helen's aimed at: raising awareness in schools; arts to libraries; and bringing arts to the community of St Helen's. There were two professional, public showings on the 24th February 2017.

Phase 3. In 2018 PREVAIL- Phase 3: aiming for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Physical


  • Community
  • New Writing
  • Theatre in Health

Organisation Type

  • Research and development/workshop project leading to festival production(s)