Konflux Theatre in Education


Konflux Theatre is a trusted Theatre in Education, working successfully throughout the UK for over 20 years. Konflux is at the forefront of transformative, cross-curricular learning. Passion and belief in our creative learning workshops drives us to generate an energetic and thrilling space to ignite young minds. Our collaboration unlocks every child's inner confidence and abundant potential.

Konflux's most popular project is 'Play in a Day' where a professional theatre director/facilitator workshops with the group for the whole day, culminating in a performance by the participants to parents and peers at the end of the day. There are over 70 titles to choose from!

Key Outcomes:

•Pastoral learning
•Increased subject knowledge
•The value of teamwork
•Public speaking
•Confidence building


  • Drama
  • Physical


  • Community
  • Theatre in Health
  • Young Peoples

Organisation Type

  • touring