SICC Productions


SICC Productions is a not-for-profit arts organisation that seeks to support mid-career artists internationalising their work. To date our focus has been on connecting the UK with Nordic peers with a focus on the common Northern European heritage and history that connects Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Northern England, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Since 2014 we have successfully run a series of projects across multiple art forms including music, visual arts, projection mapping, performance, digital media, public installations, poetry, & collections interpretation – all of which have developed a network of artists, production organisations, heritage collections, venues and audiences that are at a critical point in development. At the centre of our work we seek to enable the mobility of artists and the developing of networks & skills through practice rather than pedagogy viewing our exhibitions and events as a window on to the ongoing engine of production rather than an end.


  • Circus
  • Drama
  • Mixed Media
  • Musical Theatre
  • Opera
  • Physical
  • Puppetry


  • Community
  • Site Specific
  • Street Arts
  • Young Peoples