Spare Tyre


We are a leading UK participatory theatre company. Our work exists to engage those least involved in arts and cultural activity. We produce multi-sensory, accessible and inclusive touring theatre and outreach arts activities locally and nationally.
Spare Tyre has been at the forefront of debate on identity politics around enduringly prescient themes: Women and Gender; Age and Dementia; and Disability.
Our mission is to transform lives through theatre. We engage with disadvantaged communities where opportunities are lacking, because we can see the benefits that participatory theatre can bring to them. We champion untold stories and are experts in engaging with hard-to-reach individuals and communities; we bring their voices to the forefront through theatre and other art forms to improve wellbeing and support them to fulfil their potential.


  • Drama
  • Mixed Media
  • Physical


  • Community
  • Disability
  • Site Specific
  • Theatre in Health

Organisation Type

  • touring