Tandem Works/Claire Summerfield

South East

Tandem Works is freelance Producer and Arts Consultant
Claire Summerfield

Claire Summerfield is an Independent Creative Producer based in the UK. My work covers a range of art forms including dance, theatre, live art, sound installation and public art.

The companies and artists I support often use multiple forms of artistic expression to make their work, work that sits in-between the boundaries of form, in-between the meeting points of cultures and in–between the visual and textual languages of expression.

The work I do is determined in response to the needs of the artists and companies I work with, and often includes:
Project design
Artistic and organisational strategy development
Partnership development
Advisory and mentoring support
Funding bid writing
Tour booking

My past and current portfolio includes: Tom Dale Company (I Infinite, Cabin Fever, Refugees of the Septic Heart and Digitopia), 30 Bird (JUNCTURES, Plastic, Poland 3 Iran 2 & Majnoun amongst others), Michael Pinchbeck (The Beginning), Rachel Mars (ROLLER), Second Hand Dance (Grass, Getting Dressed & Touch), Arts Council England and The Almeida.


  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Mixed Media
  • Physical


  • Community
  • Disability
  • New Writing
  • Rural Touring
  • Site Specific
  • Street Arts
  • Young Peoples