Independent Membership

Independent Membership


Independent membership is designed to support independent producers. ITC will provide guidance for your work but can’t advise you on behalf of organisations that could be ITC members themselves. See more info in the description below and contact us you are unsure which type of membership to go for.



Independent Membership is for independent producers, lasting 12 months and gives you the following benefits. If you would like to discuss membership options please email or call 0207 403 1727.

  • Unlimited advice on a full range of legal, managerial and financial topics including: copyright, employment, contracts, tax, business planning, organisational structure and staff development.
  • A range of tailored professional development opportunities including in-house and online.
  • National and regional networking events and industry conferences, helping to create a thriving community of performing arts professionals.
  • Access to online help sheets on contracts, employment law, finance and much more, as well as regular newsletters.
  • DBS service. COVID Update: Our DBS service is still running but we’re remote now so please don’t send forms to the Albany, email our Legal & Industrial Relations Manager, Jackie, for the address they should go to.
  • A strong voice for the UK performing arts sector – raising its profile and representing its interests with policy makers.