Code of Conduct for Performers Working in Schools

These guidelines are designed to highlight safety issues, prepare the company members for situations that may arise when working with children and enable them to feel confident and act professionally in the school environment.

Company Vehicle

  • Drive very slowly on the school premises and make sure some members of the company accompany the van on foot whenever it is in motion. Take particular care when reversing.
  • If you don’t know where to go it is better to stop the van and send someone into the school on foot rather than drive around the school grounds.
  • When parking (even if only temporarily to find out where to go or unload) never obstruct fire exits. Once the van is unloaded park it in the car park as directed by the school.
  • Keep the van locked at all times on the school premises.
  • Never give a pupil a lift in the Company vehicle.

The Performance and Preparation Space

  • The Company should try to make sure that the performance space is “out of bounds” to the children until the performance is ready to begin.
  • Do not accept help from the children with the set or preparation. They should not be in the performance space.
  • Once the performance space is set up carry out a health and safety check before allowing the children to be let in.
  • Company members should stay in the performance and preparation area and avoid wandering around the school.
  • Find out where the staff toilets are – never use the children’s toilets.
  • Make sure you use a private and, if possible, lockable changing area.

Conduct around the school

  • Do not smoke anywhere on the school premises (including the van).
  • Alcohol and recreational drugs should not be taken onto school premises under any circumstances and company members should not consume alcohol before arriving at the school.
  • Prescribed drugs should be kept hidden and out of reach of the children (e.g. in the locked van).
  • Move around the school quietly – avoid shouting, loud laughter, slamming doors any unnecessary noise. It is a good idea to turn off any music in the van when arriving on school premises.
  • Make sure language and conversation is appropriate.
  • Wherever possible find out and follow school procedures (e.g. signing in).
  • Ensure your actions do not conflict with school rules (e.g. some schools do not allow sweets, chewing gum etc.).
  • You are an ambassador for the company and a role model for the children: make sure everything about you reflects this.
  • Take responsibility for clearing up completely after the show. Take any rubbish with you.
  • Report any accidents or breakages immediately.
  • Company members should wear badges bearing the Company logo and their own name whilst on the school premises (except while wearing their costumes).