Sample Child Protection Policy

XXXXXX Company is committed to safeguarding the welfare of the children we work with and has established the following code of practice

  • All staff are given clear established roles for their education work

  • All existing staff and freelancers used by the company are police checked to ensure that no one has a conviction for criminal offences against children

  • When working in schools, all workshops are conducted in the presence of a teacher

  • XXXXX Company teaches in teams of at least two people, unless a relationship is already established with a group, in which case an individual may work alone.

  • Children are always supervised at all times during projects, including lunch breaks and travel to and from the venue.

  • XXXXXXX Technical Director, or in their absence the company workshop leaders, will be responsible for ensuring health and safety requirements are met in the working environment.

  • Workshop leaders must find out about special needs of children before the workshop commences.

  • Full evaluations are carried out after all workshops, completed by teachers/staff members, to ensure that any problems are aired and are addressed in the future.