General Manager & Administrator Package

Wednesday 27 February 2019 10.00am - Tuesday 14 May 5.00pm

Intended to benefit general managers or administrators who are responsible for financial matters, contracting staff and human resources management.

The courses in these two packages have been matched to complement each other for General Managers, Administrators or roles with similar responsibilities. We especially feel these packages are useful for members of staff who are new to a role and want to get the best grounding possible.

Standard Package

Financial Management | Wed 27th Feb
The first day will course will demystify accounting procedures and jargon, giving you the understanding needed to use your own financial systems for planning and reporting. Please note that one the 27th Feb has passed this package will include Financial Management on the 11th June.

Creating Contracts for Employees and Freelancers | Tue 2nd Apr
Day two is an afternoon session that looks at the differences between freelancers and employees and explains how to draft contracts that are appropriate.

People Management: The Law & the Practicalities | Tue 14th May
The final day combines the fundamentals on employment law, recruitment and appraisals for those working in the performing arts industry.


Deluxe Package, includes an extra half day course

Tax, NI, VAT and Pensions | Mon 13th May
This additional session will explore the essential aspects of tax, national insurance, VAT and pensions. Very much tailored to the groups needs, the session will give participants an opportunity to resolve their queries through practical discussion.

For more information on each of the days, the benefits, approach and trainers please click on each title.


Standard Package
Two full and one half days for a discounted rate of £240 + VAT for ITC members or £385 + VAT for non-members.

Deluxe Package
Two full and two half days for a discounted rate of £290 + VAT for ITC members or £460 + VAT for non-members.


The Albany, Douglas Way, London, SE8 4AG

If you are interested in this package but don’t feel the courses quite match your needs, please contact our General Manager, Zoe, who can discuss this with you.