Changes to the Minimum Rates of Pay for 2023-24

We’re proud to announce that after a productive consultation with members through the Autumn and a constructive and collaborative negotiation with Equity in December, Equity members have just voted to accept ITC and Equity’s recommendations for improvements on the minimum terms of the ITC/Equity Agreements. ITC members have consistently articulated their strong belief in putting the well-being of their workforce first. Despite these incredibly challenging times for performing arts producers, this community has recognised the importance of addressing the cost-of-living crisis and improving working conditions in the sector. Our conference in November focused on well-being and we believe the newly improved minimum terms we have negotiated with Equity will provide the foundations to enhance the well-being of creative teams. Thank you to all the ITC managers who supported us in this process.

Please find the 2023-24 Performers & Stage Managers minimum rates below, all other rates can be seen here:

Minimum Weekly Salary£545.00
Minimum Daily Rate for 3 days or less. 4-6 days paid at the weekly salary £120.00
Commuting Costs Threshold: Where relocation is not being paid travel costs over this are repaid£30.24
Commuting Costs Ceiling: Maximum payable per week, above the thresholdIn London £154.00 Outside London £125.76
It is recommended that the Manager provide accommodation. Where the Company Member finds their own accommodation pay the allowances below.
Daily Accommodation Allowance: where Company Member arranges hotel/B&BIn London £53.59
Outside of London £49.08
Daily Accommodation Allowance : where Company Member stays with friends etc. (not own home)£25.00
Daily Meals Allowance: where breakfast is provided£21.84
Daily Meal Allowance: where breakfast is not provided£30.96
Weekly Living Away Allowance: To apply to all weeks where the artist has a home address more than 25 miles away from the place/s of work, whether rehearsal or performance venue/s and they choose to relocateIn London £447.68  Outside of London £410

More info on the allowances:

The Manager will wherever possible provide reasonable accommodation for a Company Member whose home address is 25 miles or more away from the place of work.

Where accommodation is not provided either the Daily Accommodation Allowance or Weekly Living Away Allowance will be paid.

The Weekly Living Away Allowance applies either where the company member relocates to the to the company base (e.g. rehearsal period) or any period of a week or more where the company is in one place (e.g. on tour). 

Where the Manager provides self-catering accommodation with basic cooking supplies (milk, oil, salt, pepper, etc.) for a week or more, daily meal allowances will not be payable.

Note to Approved ITC Ethical Managers: If you have any problems at all in implementing the new arrangements (e.g.: you have budgeted/contracted at this year’s rates for a project happening after April 2023) do contact us on 0207 403 1727. We can help with an agreed variation. We recognise that we have a board membership with lots of ways of working. If you need to discuss anything about your particular way of working that you would like us to agree a variation with Equity for, do get in touch. We have deliberately built flexibility into this whole process, and we will endeavor to agree any variations or transitional arrangements with Equity speedily and seamlessly.

Online Forum on Accommodation and Allowances, 22 Feb
Join us online on Wednesday 22nd Feb at 11am to discuss accommodation and allowances in line with the new Equity/ITC agreement and rates of pay. It will also be an opportunity to talk about challenges, opportunities, and ideas. Free, but booking needed:

Other Agreements
We haven’t had a claim from WGGB or Unite so the 2022-23 minimum rates still apply until further notice. We are meeting Bectu about the producer’s agreement in early February, updates to follow. 

ITC is here to offer guidance, support, and advice on a wide range of issues – no limit to how often you can ring. Phone numbers; mainline: 0207 403 1727, Charlotte: 020 7089 6825, Jackie: 020 7089 6823. Also check out our podcast episode on Ethical Management to hear ITC’s Charlotte, Karrim Jalali (Equity), Kevin Carson (Bectu) and Emma Rees (Theatre Centre) talk about what it means to be an ethical manager…