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Our training courses are designed to provide you with a resilient toolkit of essential skills and specialist knowledge needed to run a performing arts company successfully.

ITC deliver a core training program covering many topics. If you are interested in taking a course below in the future email Rachel on to register for updates.

Business Budgets
The fundamentals of creating and managing a company budget.


Finance Explained
Demystify accounting concepts and terminology that underpin financial reporting.


Financial Management
Examines accounting procedures/jargon and introduces financial systems for planning and reporting. 


Tax, NI, VAT & Pensions
Explores the essential aspects of tax, National Insurance, VAT and pensions as they relate to the performing arts sector.


Creating Contracts for Employees & Freelancers
Outlines the differences between freelancers and employees, and explains how to draft contracts that are appropriate for both.  


Managing Difficult Conversations
Explores challenges and new approaches to listening, supporting and motivating teams.


Safeguarding for the Performing Arts
Discusses the fundamentals of legislation and guidance in order to create safe environments for children and vulnerable adults.  


Boards & Governance
Understand how to both run and, or be part of, a strong and effective board. 


People Management (Recruitment, Appraisals, Dismissals)
Currently split over three sessions, learn how to ethically 
recruit, retain, appraise and dismiss staff.  


Fundamentals of Fundraising
The fundamental building blocks of how to fundraise for performing arts projects and productions.


Successful Bid Writing
Examines the detail of how to draft successful funding applications; including types of funders, solicitation, and dealing with rejection.


Contracts & Negotiations
Currently split over two sessions, beginning with 
contracting principles and building confidence in negotiations skills.


Company Formation & Charitable Status
Explains the legal issues and practicalities of setting up and running a Limited Company and the benefits and disadvantages of Charitable Status.


Digital Marketing & Social Media
Explores the essential platforms, processes and planning needed to embrace online arts marketing.


Intellectual Property Explained
Describes the legal issues relating to intellectual property, with a particular focus on copyright law.


Project Management
Builds confidence and effectiveness to deliver arts projects on time and on budget.


Starting a Performing Arts Company
The fundamentals to be aware of when setting a company, including the basic on company formation, planning, contracts and intellectual property, fundraising.  


Tour Booking
All you need to know about booking a performing arts tour, including logistics, budgets, marketing and venue expectations.


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