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Before I Go Theatre Company

England, Midlands


Drama Mixed Media

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Rupert Mallin

18 Lilburne Avenue, Norwich NR3 3NY

07775 870392

Before I Go Theatre Company is an ageless enterprise, for age should not be a restriction but an opportunity to work across the generations. We are dedicated to new writing, and presenting plays and performance art in unusual locations and venues. ‘Before I Go’ supports campaigns for climate and social justice.

Together with performance, we offer workshops, and are eager to develop collaborations with groups and individuals.

Launch Show, November 3 and 4, 7.30pm at the Garage Theatre, Norwich – Too Much To Say Before I Go

‘Phobia’ and ‘The Song of The Worm’ were begun in lockdown and received a live rehearsed play reading at The Playhouse in July. They were developed through James McDermott’s ‘From Page To Stage’ course run by Norwich Theatre. Out of this experience, Helen and Rupert decided to set up ‘Before I Go’ Theatre Company.

Rupert Mallin and Helen Wells have worked on many arts projects together, often with Creative Working Lives. In 2018 they wrote ‘From Flowers to Punk’ (hidden histories of Norwich in the 1960s and 1970s) which was performed at a Garage Scratch Night event.

Phobia. Irrational fears increase a pace in the developed world – from the fear of spiders to the fear of string! What is Lilly’s fear and can she confront her fears with the help of her therapist, Tom? Yet, is this really the turmoil of her personal psychology or is it wrought by society?

The Song of the Worm explores our reactions to climate change across the generations, makes manifest the unseen influence of press and power and advertising that insidiously shapes our views and asks the question “Where are the radical elders?”

Rupert Mallin has had two plays broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and several plays staged in theatre. He is involved in Limbik Theatre’s ‘Rebel Rabble’ project and is an active member of London Playwrights.

Helen Wells is a Multimedia Artist whose work layers hand drawn animation, video, text, soundscape and performance. Helen works both individually and collaboratively and recent work Celebrating Nature was a community generated piece performed at Norwich Fringe Arts Festival and live at the Transitions exhibition on Climate Change in the Undercroft Norwich.

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