Flibbertigibbet Theatre

Flibbertigibbet Theatre

England, South West


Dance Drama Mixed Media Physical Puppetry

Organisation Type

Other Touring


Stevie Thompson (director)

Email: info@flibbertigibbettheatre.co.uk

Tel: 07949084283

Twitter: @flibberttheatre

Facebook: Flibbertigibbet Theatre

Website: www.flibbertigibbettheatre.co.uk

Flibbertigibbet aims to produce original, high quality visual and physical theatre that will surprise, entertain and provoke audiences of all ages. 

Work is created through a collaborative devising process with experienced artists and practitioners across art forms in co-creation with its audiences. We explore different theatre forms to find new ways to tell old stories or old ways to tell new stories.

Flibbertigibbet’s approach to theatre is serious, but aims to be created and performed with a disarming lightness of touch.


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