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Middle-Weight Theatre

England, South West



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In 2013, Matt Roberts and Tom Stabb, with a joint disposition and mutual love of dialogue and comedy, not to mention a shared caffeine addiction, combined their efforts towards creating a focused and dedicated touring theatre company. The aim, to maintain a high standard of entertainment and thoughtful use of dialogue, expressed by a wide variety of characters and actors through the means of new and original writing, drama and comedy. 

Inspired by both troubling and swiftly changing times, Middle-Weight Theatre has tackled contentious and often controversial subjects such as:

The effects of misogyny and the diminishment of language in the workplace, the epidemic of loneliness, the phenomenon of Broken Britain and the history and discovery of anaesthesia. More comically addressing – the soul crushing sensation of writers block and most recently questioning the existence of true love…

Regular attendees of the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Middle-Weight Theatre made their production debut with, original comedy ‘Sound Bite’, in 2013, and have since gone on to perform all over the United Kingdom in various well known (and unknown), venues and arts / theatre festivals. 

Having kept an open eye throughout their travels, Matt and Tom have welcomed the crucial talents and equal partnerships of Al Wadlan, Chrissy Marshall and Jen Weatherhead in co-running the company. All of whom share the responsibilities of bringing the best form of Middle Weight Theatre’s ideas and creativity to life before a live audience. 

Each play is written and performed in a way that challenges the audience by presenting subjective, unusual and impressionistic perspectives of differing and varied themes, always encouraging debate and exploration through Middle-Weight Theatre’s original and always entertaining content.

“During the years since the company’s inception, we have been thoroughly humbled by the goodwill we have received by our friends, families, all of our audience members, reviewers and venues across the country. With your continued and endless support, we hope to bring informative, challenging and comedic productions across the UK for years to come.”

~ Tom Stabb
Company manager 

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