Moving Art Management

Moving Art Management

England, North East UK



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Rachel Jean Birch – Director / Producer –

Hannah Moreno – Director / Producer –

Sophie Halford – Assistant Producer –

Moving Art Management is a producing company who support artists with a range of projects and events, bringing new cultural opportunities to communities in the UK and touring internationally. We design and deliver work which is co-created with participants, communities and local stakeholders, ensuring the work is made with, by and for those who seek to engage with high quality arts and culture in their communities. Dance is our vehicle for transforming individual growth, through in person interactions, skills development, entertainment and new perspectives, education and learning, as well as the enriching process that comes from movement and the benefits it brings to both the mind, body and spirit. This includes classes, workshops, performance opportunities, focus-groups, photography, documenting and reviewing. We also offer mentoring, shadowing and placement opportunities for those interested in developing careers in the creative industries. We have a strong track record engaging community groups of all ages and backgrounds in our work, from children and young people, to adults with learning disabilities and people with refugee and asylum seeker status.

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