Unpuzzled Theatre Company C.I.C

Unpuzzled Theatre Company C.I.C

England, South East


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Email: admin@unpuzzledtheatre.co.uk

Telephone: 07340744799

Facebook: unpuzzledtheatre

Instagram: @unpuzzledtheatrecompany

Twitter: @UnpuzzledTC

Imagine a world where the transformative power of the arts is within everyones reach. We aim to make imagination a reality.

The barriers that prevent individuals from enjoying and engaging with the arts are all too real. Financial constraints often exclude those who long to experience the magic of theatre, while limited access and lack of representation hinder the voices that deserve to be heard.

Unpuzzled Theatre is on a mission to ensure that the arts are not just a privilege for a select few but a vibrant tapestry that embraces and empowers everyone.

We strongly believe in fair pay for artists. To level up, we understand that for change to happen, artists need to be paid for their services.

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