Learning through Listening 2024

Learning through Listening 2024




Action Learning intro sessions

The first two Action Learning intro sessions will take place in London and in York in 2024 (dates and venues tbc).

In order to ensure a suitable date is selected for all participants, we will arrange this after you have signed up for the programme.

We will aim to programme future Action-Learning days in different locations throughout the UK to enable ease of access for all members, please contact us with suggestions of locations.


The cost of participation in the project is a one-off registration fee of £150+vat (per person). Open to ITC members only.



In small arts organisations leadership roles (eg: Artistic Director, Executive Director, CEO, General Manager, Chair) are challenging, exposed and isolated.

During and following the pandemic ITC has advised on an increased number of work-based disputes (complaints, grievances, disciplinaries, project and contract breakdowns, company splits and closures). Add to this the stress caused by loss of funding, cost of living increases and a growing recruitment crisis in many crucial roles – it has never been harder to lead and manage a company in this sector.

In response to tough times, ITC has devised a pilot project to facilitate leaders within our companies to support and mentor each other. ITC has a uniquely committed and skilled community of leaders within the membership. This project aims to promote connection and sharing between sector leaders using the skills and principles of action learning (peer coaching).

Elements of the Project: 

Action-Learning is a form of peer coaching that uses the process of active listening, open questions and non-judgemental reflection to create a safe space to solve problems and build strategies. It relies on the principles of respect, confidentiality and not giving advice unless actively requested. Essentially participants solve their own problems with peer support.

This project aims to use the processes of group Action-Learning within one-to-one mutual mentoring pairings.

Participants will begin with a one-day facilitated Action-Learning group session (live up to 8 participants) – introducing the skills and processes of peer coaching and enabling 3 live problem-solving presentations.

Following the initial session participants will receive guidance for one-to-one peer coaching and be paired with a colleague in the sector.

ITC will manage the peer matching process and provide ongoing support to participants throughout the project.

Participants will agree to meet 3-4 times over the course of a year (live or on Zoom) for one-to-one peer problem-solving sessions (lasting 2-3 hours).

At the end of the year, participants will take part in a facilitated evaluation session.

It is hoped that peer pairs will continue to meet for peer problem-solving in ongoing relationships and ITC will facilitate swaps and rematches as required.

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